Assembling the world's top subject matter experts and developing solutions for the entire agricultural food chain.

Our Mission

To always provide the most cost-effective solutions to the projects we face, improving quality, condition and extending shelf-life of any fresh produce, based on state-of-the-art scientific research, critical thinking and cutting-edge technology.

How We Work

From genetics to nursery development, on-farm cultural management, post harvest through logistics, and all the way to the consumer; you will not find a more qualified team. Our group has been advising top international agricultural entities, logistic providers, and retailers for over the past 30 years. We have the most diverse base of global research partners located on all continents to help bring practical and actionable solutions to your operation. We bring a context of research innovation and commercial knowledge that ensures investments are on track to success. We introduce the most innovate data sets through our tech partnerships and are leading the way on cutting edge sensors and networks that place your operation in the forefront

Services Offered

  • Whole farm auditing for large scale agricultural venture capital developments in the areas of planning, annual production, assessing commercial values, insurance claims, network deployment, IoT systems, and management employment searches
  • Cultural Management in areas of farm planning development, planting, pruning programs, irrigation, plant nutrition, netting structures, and harvest techniques
  • Post-harvest protocols regarding packing, cooling, handling, coatings, and chemical treatments
  • Packaging development for innovative ideas around airflow, modified atmospheres, imbedded coatings, sustainability, and recyclability
  • Logistic chain audits for global retailers and importers around the entire food chain, specifically in the areas or ripening repackaging, and consumer experiences
  • General consulting and expert witness services in international agricultural legal matters
  • Speaking engagements and education

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Our Team

Ryan Clark

Big data specialist, blockchain platform expert, cryptocurrency and traceability platform developer.

Felipe Illanes

Packaging development, recyclability expert, irrigation specialist, post-harvest consultant, global trade, logistics, IoT sensor development.

Rodrigo Iturrieta, PhD

Agronomist, laboratory research scientist, plant breeding, research trial development, plant growth regulation.

Lorena Dominguez, BA

International supply, global claims, license custom broker, project management and implementation, global logistics, grower & import accounting.

Mark Buhl, MBA

International supply chain consultant, commercial trial expert, international trade and industry advisor, traceability platform developer, IoT/UAV expert, on farm network specialist.

Our Team

Mary Lu Arpaia, PhD

Post-harvest horticultural consultant, industry extension and outreach specialist, re-harvest management of subtropical tree crops, sensory panel development, research trial director. Specializing in avocado, mango, citrus, kiwi, lychee, and stone fruit.

Deirdre Holcroft, PhD

Post-harvest horticultural consultant, food safety advisor, supply chain auditor, research trial expert, industry speaker and educator. Specializing in lychee, pome fruit, ornamentals, cut flowers, fresh cut, and herbs.

Lise Korsten, PhD

Plant pathology, food safety and food security expert. Postharvest pathologist specializing in avocado, citrus, and grapes.

Alan Forrester, BA

Pan European wholesale supply chain consultant. Freshfood import, production, and marketing industry. Chair of the UK industry body for Fresh Produce, the Fresh Produce Consortium.